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07/25/08 05:04 PM #219    

Jonathan Preservati

Golf? hmmm we are gettin old. I bet for our twenty year reunion it will be all of us in a big card game and asleep by 9!

07/28/08 01:43 PM #220    

Brian Bj Lucas

If that doesn't work Jon, then we will try some croquet!

07/29/08 10:12 AM #221    

Theresa Green (Moretto)

Good idea with the awards thing.

07/29/08 10:15 AM #222    

Robert Michael

Proposed awards:

- Greatest number of different jobs worked since H.S.

- Most suggestive town name lived in (Bumpass, VA)

- Greatest education debt

- Biggest ears

- Last name most likely confused with first

If there are any couples interested in playing par 3 golf, Tiffany and I might be interested in joining you. Looking forward to it!

07/29/08 03:23 PM #223    

Jonathan Preservati

Croquet? hmmm, u might be on to something there buddy. Mybe some boce, ever heard of that? Where the old folk try to roll some balls near a small little ball? Hey, wait a minute, i got it! SHUFFLEBOARD!!! All the old folk down here in florida play that shit! Ill c u in ten years on the shuffleboard coart buddy, and u better bring ur A game!

07/29/08 09:53 PM #224    

Tiffany Pruett (Michael)

Shit, Robert...Were you bored at work today? :-)

John, Robert must be an old man because he plays the shit out of boce ball at the beach LOL Gonna miss seeing you at the reunion! I still remember all those years in Mrs. Millner's class with you!

07/30/08 07:33 PM #225    

Megan Rule (Weatherford)

Who is planning to go to the pool at Pipestem on Sunday?

07/31/08 01:43 PM #226    

Megan Rule (Weatherford)

I think you have done an awesome job Matt!!!!! Thank you :)

07/31/08 02:01 PM #227    

Delano Sweeney

hey guys, rsvp me for all 3 days. Anybody who's seen me at the driving range knows golf just isn't my thing. Too dangerous for everyone there with me. My wife will probably be with me friday and saturday but don't know about sunday.

07/31/08 08:48 PM #228    

Stacy Burgess

now people come on this is our first
high school reunion in 10 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i know how to play croquet i also think what john
preservatie said was funny john we're so close
to becomming old that maybe it might be funny
let's see how this one goes

07/31/08 10:47 PM #229    

Julie Buchanan (Belcher)

Hey! RSVP me for the Friday night thing

08/01/08 08:15 AM #230    

Jonathan Preservati

robert playin boce? lol, il leave that alone so he doesnt get pissy. I dont know bout u tif, but im always gonna miss Ms Millner, she was da bomb, and quick to rip my ass if i needed it. As im sure u can remember!

08/01/08 10:27 AM #231    

Joshua Baker

P - body are you not coming to the reunion?

08/02/08 01:28 AM #232    

Jonathan Preservati

no buddy, sorry, cant make it. Work is hectic and the bills are actually kinda tight to be honest-----gas prices are ridiculous. Just trying to get some money back in da bank after the ex wife drained me. I will b in for Christmas, so hopefully c-u then.

08/03/08 10:39 PM #233    

Tiffany Pruett (Michael)

Jon, I faintly recall Mrs. Millner whipping out her cell phone one day and calling someone's parents...Was that you? I can't remember who it was lol I'll miss her...

Yeah, you better watch out when Robert gets pissy LOL

08/04/08 08:54 AM #234    

Tiffany Bailey (McCormick)


08/04/08 09:09 AM #235    


Matthew Pauley

Tiff - bring a covered dish or french fries or something like that.
we are going to use our sam's and wal-mart gift cards to buy all the hamburger, hotdogs, and buns. Plus toppings.


08/04/08 09:07 PM #236    

Jonathan Preservati

yeah Tif, i think she had my mom on speed dial! I never got by with much in that class. And tell Robert il b glad to whoop his azz in a game of boce!

08/05/08 03:50 PM #237    

Stacy Burgess

i'm bringing cheesecakes to the picnic okay
and matt great job on the tickets to the chuck
mathenia center

08/06/08 10:26 AM #238    

Dirk Hall II

anything you can think of that I need to bring that hasn't already been accounted for? Just let me know.


08/06/08 02:17 PM #239    

Pj Brooks

Won't be coming guys, I'm on call. Wish I could, hope you guys have fun, someone will have to get sloppy drunk and probably naked to take my place. Have fun guys...break something for me.

08/06/08 02:44 PM #240    

Dirk Hall II

RSVP me for the Friday alcoholic party.

08/06/08 03:00 PM #241    

Robert Michael

We will be sorry to not see you there Jon. I know all about people getting screwed in divorce, I just wish my clients could be the screwers rather than the screwees.

Either way, it is better for them than to continue living with their spouse. You should hear the things people's spouses do, people are generally CRAZY! Helps me to know how lucky I've got it with Tiff.

08/06/08 03:23 PM #242    

Jonathan Preservati

You betcha Robert, its never an easy thing, but me and the ex have actually become friends now, and life is back on track. Just took on alot of expenses based on two incomes like new trucks and nice house, i gotta stay busy and keep the money rollin. Hope you guys have fun at the reunion, hopefully i can catch up to you guys over the holidays, and oh yeah, new girlfriend pays rent!!!

08/06/08 06:19 PM #243    

Brian Bj Lucas

That sucks PJ. I was going to bring my new puppy to the cookout Saturday, just for you... We'll miss ya bro!

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